The Clever Groom’s Guide- Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring Online

There’s actually one thing perhaps slightly more important than the news of the engagement itself, it is the engagement ring! From the girls gushing over to the men taking down notes for their own benefits, the engagement ring speaks volume of not just your relationship but also your choice.

However, a lot of people are deterred by the idea of buying a diamond engagement ring online. Is it a genuine buy? Will it be the right fit? These and many more such questions constantly plague the minds of those looking to shop for engagement rings online.

For starters, it is much economical to buy an engagement ring on the web. Not only are the best of the lot often put up for a discount, there are also a lot of extra discounts directly from merchants websites that you can make use of and get the ring at a rate lower than mentioned. So all in all, if you do pit online shopping for rings against buying it from one particular shop, the online option is less pocket-pinching.

Also, speaking of buying from one particular shop, the biggest drawback is the lack of a wide variety. You might argue on this and say that such and such shop stock up on quite an impressive variety, but even then it doesn’t come half as close to the humungous variety that you will get on the internet. We display engagement rings from three different websites, where each website has quite an impressive collection of its own. So that is thrice the amount that you are made available to in one shop!

And when you have a wider variety, there are also more styles to choose from. You can buy a diamond ring studded with emeralds or you can go for a solitaire on white gold. Or if you want a more modern approach, opt for platinum instead of gold.

One of the most important Cs of the 4Cs of buying a diamond is the cut. The other three Cs being the Color, Carat, and Clarity. The cut is important, perhaps even more than the other three because it is the correct cut that determines the shine of the diamond. Yes, contrary to the notion that maybe it is the color that determines the shine, it is actually the cut, which manipulates the shine by the angle with which it coincides with light rays.

When you are shopping for engagement rings or even just a diamond ring online, you can select from the different types of cuts available. You can also customize one as per your choice. Some popular online stores are:

Peoples Jewellers
Michael Hill