Garage Canada

Garage Canada

Are you a teenager looking for statement clothing options that will define your style and personality, and at a price that is an absolute steal? Garage Canada is a leading brand in teenage clothing and accessories. No matter if you want to dress in conventional jeans and top or go all out and don on cargo wear, Garage Canada has an extensive collection to cater to the requirements of everyone.

From graphic t-shirts, shirts, bandeau, party tops, sweaters, to jeans, skirts, capris, shorts, and about everything else. Browse through their website and be amazed at the eclectic collection. Garage Canada also stocks footwear, especially bordering on cute bootie slippers.

Garage Canada pride itself on being a one-stop-shop and offers bags, jewelry, belts, scarves, hats, sunglasses, and other knick knacks. And that is not all! The brand also has their own set of swimwear, you can choose from the regular bikinis or opt for single swim tops comprising of polka dots, floral, padded and non-padded, triangle push-up, and swim bikini bottoms separately.

The designers at Garage Canada have an in-depth knowledge of teen fashion and that is why most of their collection is often sold out within the first few weeks itself! Another plus is the affordable cost, and also the coupon options and sale initiated by the website from time to time.

Having become one of the highly sought-after chains in Canada and US, Garage Canada has now branched out to the Middle East, and is fast becoming one of the top brands in the country.