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Here at Canadian Internet Shopping we are your personal guide to the best Online Shopping for Canadians. We are partners with well-known and respected online merchants and manufacturers from around the world since 2004. We review each and every merchant before we decide to list them. We base our decision on their location, shipping options, brokerage fees, reputation, and most of all customer satisfaction.

what we do

More then one Site

Canadian Internet Shopping is not just one website we have developed several online shopping sites over the years and each one promotes different product including: Swimwear, Plus Size clothing, Halloween Costumes, Skin Care, Ceiling Tiles, Footwear, Jewelry and much more.

Our History

Canadian Internet Shopping group of websites was started back in 2004 by me, Kevin Elliott with the dream of developing websites that would help Canadian shop online. Over the years I have learned a lot from the many online shopping organizations I was partnered with as well as the personal contact I have made. My aim is to make online shopping easier for Canadians and to promote Canadian friendly merchants throughout my sites.

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What to work with us?

If you own an online store with an affiliate program on a major networks and offer great and reliable products to Canadians as well as great shipping rates then contact us. If you do not then sorry we cannot work with you. We only offer the best online shopping experience to our fellow Canadians.